How Long Will I Love You?

8:33:00 PM

it is what it is.

12:59:00 AM

What Am I Doing?

4:44:00 PM

Just a stuff that's been bothering me quite a while

12:59:00 PM


5:00:00 PM

What if there's no in between?

7:03:00 PM

Still not sure

2:03:00 PM


2:30:00 PM


9:50:00 PM


12:54:00 PM

We're greedy, just admit it.

12:20:00 PM

Random Thoughts. (Again and Again)

11:38:00 PM


3:11:00 AM

Then I believe the strongest love bound is called a family.

8:33:00 PM

(No title needed)

9:36:00 PM