June 02, 2016


I am writing this, 3.15 am, trying to get these studio shits done.
Thinking about people, thinking about you, generally everything just come up in my head in this typical hour. I am sad.
Not a literal sad, I think, more like worry plus anxious plus disappointed plus afraid.
I saw with my own eyes tonight: an idealism, fresh thoughts, new sights; they had to die for the sake of a figure and culture and kekeluargaan shits.
Figure and culture and kekeluargaan shits aren't bad things, but you know it's more than sad when you realized people are still blinded by them; people's vision are blurred because of those. You then can't see clearly of new ideas, new people, new cultures and values. Why most people always see "new thing" as something threatening?
I am just tired, I just wish I had an abilities to change people's way of thinking

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