November 04, 2014

Then I believe the strongest love bound is called a family.

When you went somewhere far, and left all things you had got before, like your family, you would feel something like hundred times more than just sad. It was horrible. I can't even think the right adjective to describe it. You lost something you knew you couldn't replace. 

The flashbacks were the worst. Memories came back and smashed you over and over again. Everything was reminded you of them. You began to replay how the last time you met them. You began to wonder if they missed you the way you did. You began to think how was home, what did they do at the time, what will it be if you were there.... This was the phase when you wanted to come back, be there, be loved...

It felt so good at first that you no longer trapped or over ruled but that was a sad thing too, to know that those times full of worries and rules are over. No one would sincerely care. No one would be angry when you went home late, or you did something wrong, the way your mom and dad did. You simply knew that they did that the whole time because they loved you. They always love you. You would appreciate the presence of them in your life because of absence by distance. 

Then there came a moment in your life when you realized you couldn't really go back. You were such an egoist bitch. You left them. You said you want to chase your dreams. You left because you said the time had come, to live alone, to figure out life. But yes, I found a good side, too. I learned how to live, to survive, I learned how to manage life. I learned things, a lot of things.

But in the end you'll realize that family made you who you are today and make who you'll become someday. Home will be the best place for your heart to come back, where your heart is truly belong. No matter what happened family will be there for you, guide you and enlightening you. Forever. As long as you live.

Then I believe the strongest love bound is called a family.


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