November 26, 2015

We're greedy, just admit it.

So this is an idea that just popped up in my head.
The idea of sharing. I just realized we don't share much, I mean as something great as human race. We're simply, greedy.
People don't want to share their works, their research, their way of thinking, their belongings in general just because we don't want them to be copied with some losers. We don't want them belonged to someone else.

It doesn't mean I support pirate or plagiarism, don't get me wrong. That's not the point I'm making here. The spotlight is in us, as an individual. We want to be seen, seeking for attentions and acceptence in social life. Maybe sociology can tell more, because yes we're such a attention seeker. Admit it. The question is why? Why people are so urge to be standing out and be seen?

Probably that's the reason why we're still here, anyway?
But in the other hand, I think human and its egocentric isn't necessary.
We can simply share, like, everything. Yes, social media and globalization and the internet and things help a lot. (Is it really a help? Don't know.)
I mean not only about shits you're watching right now, or songs that you like at the moment, or places you've been going. Share knowledges, your perspective to see the world, everything. Artworks, scientific paper you're working on, projects. If everyone is sharing, then probably I think there will be no plagiarism anymore. Because we make an atmosphere of sharing and helping, we put back the essence of being human to its right place. We make an atmosphere of "being human".

But yes, so utopia.

The importance of be seen and accepted are always being the main concern of most people. Not being too self-centered and selfish aren't that popular. This is kind of sad, because some said that we're rare and special, but we are endangered with our own ego and selfishness.


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