November 09, 2015

Random Thoughts. (Again and Again)

Everything in our everyday life, if you’re lucky enough to catch it, have little things, details, dots that later  will make some senses. Maybe today we only catch a dot we thought unimportant, but heaven knows what will happen later will make another dots turned into something. Maybe a line, or lines. Maybe those lines will make a plane eventually? Maybe it turns into 3d cube, something looks like a star  or spherical and shits?

I do believe that everything that happens right now, somehow will affects everything that will happen. I’m not calling it fate or something but you know, it’s kind of confusing. Some people say, it is what they call the next dimensions, dimensions after the third we always know (ya because we definitely live in it). But in the end, my thinking capacity isn’t that huge and maybe I’m basically stupid. Maybe most people are, too. Then we’re tired of it, so we decided to call it fate, again.

Whoa that was  2 whole paragraphs full of nothing.  
Hmm. Back again.

I know nothing about this world. Universe. Life, death, and everything in between. Human and its way of thinking. Skies and trillion stars in it. Mammals, bacteria, chemicals. The word “world” is so huge and consist of unbelivably countless random things. So here I am, one of those countless random things, writing shits.

I actually am, trying to get those shits together and write something that make sense and considerably good by most people by writing poems or maybe a kaboom scifi or cute photos of mine or over seasoned jokes or hangout with cool friends in cool places kind of story. But that’s not how it works for me, I don’t know why but seems like my brain capacity and my way of thinking, they’re both wierd. I always end up writing some random thing, like it just popped up not in a proper order. I don’t know since when but in some points it’s tiring. It’s hard for me to write in a structure, put things orderly, groovy, or something you can learn easily.

Husna kenapa curhat mulu.
Shit this is so pointless.
Try again.

Yup we’re all tiny little human trying to get to know the world. We don’t and will never stop. But again, don’t you think those are pointless because the world is just too big for us to know? I’m not sure but somehow religious people get the whole point,  you have to live your live peacefully, happy. By believing something knows and understands us, it guides us. It creates us. We believe in fate, what happened, what happens, and what will happen are out of our capability.

Those lines that made by dots,

The question is: Is it us human as individual make those lines from dots (everything we do in everyday life is the dots). Or something more huge than us do, it set up those lines and their dots consisted long before and we’re here  just following the order path?