April 25, 2016


How long will I love you?
I found that line from a song. Simple question.
As long as stars are above you, the song answered in the following line.
But you know, love is a complex thing. Yet I found it inadequate, a weak word. Like really, you will love someone forever?

Someone told me that love is not a feeling but a commitment; because for real, it fades away through time. This scares me a bit, like, what if later I meet someone special that I want to spend the rest of my life with him and he says he loves me but turns out it’s just a temporary feeling. Probably he’ll stay but he doesn’t love me, he stay because it feels like he has to stay. And it’s just what people do everytime, I see?

What if staying with your partner isn’t really real? We just made it like it is now. What if monogamous married is fake? What if I have to live with someone and lying to each other everyday?

I really want to believe that true love do exists. Maybe it’s all because I haven’t met that someone that will let me believe? Hahaha


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