March 17, 2016

Just a stuff that's been bothering me quite a while

I don’t call myself feminist for reasons (mostly because It’s still confusing for me in some ways) and being “humanist” sounds more appealing and right to me, but let’s talk about that later because that’s not the point.

In this such a holy day for feminism, with this I want to reach out to you people. "Girls", whatever you think it is; a class, group, stigma, maybe an ideology or anything in this cruel society we have these days, most of them are struggling right now. Much girls are oppresed, trapped by accusation and stigma; by rules, society, friends, even family or spouse. This doesn’t mean that men aren’t suffering for more or less same cases, but let me point out that this is happening. A lot. Around us. But you probably agree with me, girls are the one who endure such a great pain here. It’s nearly impossible to write down all of the stories here, but it isn’t hard to spot one in our daily life because it’s simply everywhere. We all sure admit that most women are not as strong as men, I mean physically, and maybe that's why this called patriarchy happened in the first place? I don't know. But one thing is sure, that fact doesn't make men better, or worse.

No, I’m not begging your pity because I won’t ruin all achievement of much great women and what they’ve been fighting for quite a while. You may hate feminist because they’re stubborn and selfish (I’m not saying what they’re trying to say is wrong). But probably, because it is always about carrier and position in society and stuffs, that are exposed. Feminism then only related to breaking rules and deviating religious value, like we women urge to be the best and rule the world and do what the hell we want. But let me tell you, it isn’t. It shouldn’t.

Look at yourself, look at people, look at everything around you. You don't have to label all struggles and fights, do you? People are suffering; so are women, or men. Because life's always being life.

To you who are reading until this very line, I don't care what your fights or what your ideology are called, there are lot women who need help because they are women. Stay awake and help, because what's the point of being human if you don't want to help?
To all women out there who struggle, fight! You're more than you think.


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